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About Us

RGI Home Buyers is a Real Estate Solutions company. We are based in Southern California, but we buy homes in all 50 states. We have been in business since March 2018, but our Real Estate experience goes back to 2004. In 2004 we were building new custom homes and did a couple of Fix & Flip projects to get started as Investors. Our Real Estate Investing education has been through The Robert Allen Institute, Carlton Sheets, Nouveau Riche and most recently Fortune Builders. We put a big emphasis on continuing education.  It is our promise to always put home owners first and to run our business with honesty and integrity. It is our goal to improve the communities we work in by buying and renovating homes and leaving a legacy of beautiful homes.  

Our Services

Home Owners

We provide real soultions for home owners looking to sell their homes fast. Whether you are in default, or just need to sell fast we can help. We buy with cash so we can close fast without the usual headaches associated with selling a home. The types of situations we work with range from Probate properties, Inherited Homes, Absentee Owners (Out of State), Foreclosures, Pre-Foreclosure, Tax Liens and Distressed Homes.

We are Wholesalers and Rehabbers (Renovations). We work with Home Owners directly, or in some cases with agents. We can close fast and we pay all closing fees. 

Real Estate Agents

We are always looking to form relationships with Real Estate Agents both local and out of state. If you are interested in working with us please fill out the contact form below. Together we can find solutions for your hard to sell properties. 

Investors & Lenders

Real Estate Investors, if you are in the business of wholesaling or rehabbing, please fill out the contact form and lets work together. I may be able to buy some of your inventory, or may have a project that better fits your business model.

Lenders, if you are a REI Lender, please leave us your contact information.

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If you have a home to sale or would like us to contact you please fill in the form below.

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